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Our Responsibilities

Our areas of focus


Our performance


Our sites handle nearly 15 million tonnes of waste a year


We give a ‘second life’ through recycling to 69%2 of the waste we handle


Of the 15 million tonnes of waste we handle a year, 90% is either recycled or used for energy recovery1


Our recycling and recovery activities result in more than 3 million tonnes of carbon avoidance a year

CEO’s statement

We have made a promising start with a strong CSR performance and we have ambitious plans in the pipeline for the coming year

CSR report

Case studies

Circular Coalition
Derby and Enerkem
Sustainable Mobility Pledge

1. Recovery is waste used for energy production, such as production of waste-derived fuels, bio-mass, etc; includes water recovery and moisture loss during treatment for some technologies employed
2. Recycling is materials given a ‘second life’ for reprocessing into new goods/materials