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Annual Safety Award

Group award keeps safety high on the agenda

Renewi’s team at Reym scooped our 2016 Group Safety Award for developing an innovative automatic cleaning system. Thanks to the invention from the nationwide leader in industrial cleaning, transport and waste management, operators no longer need to be present in the ‘danger zone’ during high-pressure cleaning operations

Our Group Safety Award is open to entries from all across the company, and seeks to encourage improvement and innovation in health and safety. It also promotes the sharing of best practice and celebrates the many health and safety improvements that our sites make each year.

Since being launched in 2013, the award has attracted 138 entries from more than 50 sites and operations across the business. Entries always reveal impressive levels of innovation taking place across the Group in areas such as technical physical safety improvements, management systems, safety behaviour, and cultural and wellbeing initiatives.

Originally launched by Shanks, we will continue to run our Group Safety Award as Renewi to spread best health and safety practice across the whole of our operations and encourage even higher standards in this area.