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Belgian Sites Open Day

Sites open their doors

We take our commitments to society very seriously. As part of that role, our doors are open to the public to visit our sites and see what we do. Four of our Belgian sites, for example, welcomed the general public this year as part of a nationwide scheme to help people learn more about the companies operating in their communities.

Every year, around 300 companies in Belgium host such open days as part of Journée Découverte Entreprises (National Day).

In addition to opening our doors for the event, we were proud to be asked to organise the official press conference. National newspapers and the Belga Press Agency attended, making the press conference a real success.

Our Roeselare, CETEM, Puurs and Evergem sites welcomed a total of around 4,000 visitors through their doors. Renewi colleagues were on hand to answer questions about what we do and share our story about being a leading waste-to-product business and about sustainable waste management.

Waste management operations, even the most sustainable, are often not popular in the neighbourhoods in which they operate. We understand this and realise that our continued success relies on having good relations with residents who live close to our sites, and on listening to what they have to say.

Being open and transparent about what we do and how we do it helps us to build those strong relationships with our neighbours. Taking part in Journée Découverte Entreprises offered us an ideal opportunity to do this, and our participation was a great success. We hosted similar events during the year at other locations in the Benelux.