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Circular Coalition

Building a circular economy together

A highlight of 2016 was the birth of the Circular Coalition – a partnership of Renewi customers who support the transition to a circular economy.

The organisations involved include DSM, Dutch Railways (NS), Miele, DAF, Akzo Nobel, the Province of North Brabant, Philips and Heijmans.

The new Philips vacuum cleaner, made from 36% recycled materials and launched in 2016, is proof of what good cooperation can result in. Philips spent three years working with recycling company Coolrec, a Renewi subsidiary, to get the recycled plastics compliant with Philips’ high quality standards.

As well as working on innovating products, the Coalition has made an impact through dialogue and debate. It held a roundtable conference in October 2016 and has put itself forward as a sounding board for Dutch Environment Minister Sharon Dijksma on the subject of the circular economy.

At the roundtable conference, coalition partners agreed to cooperate on achieving a transition towards a circular economy. They signed up to a number of practical actions, including striving to minimise waste streams and recycle 100% of all waste produced, endeavouring to use as much recycled raw material as possible when economically and ecologically beneficial, and seeking to test new circular business models.

Partners agreed to share knowledge and experience in a bid to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy. This will partly be done through a series of masterclasses – focusing on topics that include circular procurement, business modelling and product design – that are already scheduled for this financial year.

The coalition’s focus for 2017 will be to apply theory learnt in the masterclasses to practice. Partners also plan to take on a ‘waste reduction challenge’, in which they will aim to reduce their residual waste by 100% in 100 days.