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Ocean Cleanup Project

Cleaning the world’s oceans

Ocean Cleanup, which Renewi has been supporting for three years with donations, is an initiative that aims to help to clean our oceans of the eight million tonnes of plastic waste that enters it every year.

The waste not only damages the environment but our health and the economy too. Studies have shown that people are eating fish that have ingested plastic – it’s estimated a quarter of the fish in Californian and Indonesian markets contain plastic. Plus, ocean debris can deter tourists, impacting seaside economies.

Ocean Cleanup, which is energy neutral and scalable, aims to clear half the so-called Garbage Patch of plastic litter stranded in the Pacific Ocean within 10 years.

Created by young Dutch entrepreneur Boyan Slat, the innovative cleaning system is now being tested in realistic conditions. It uses floating barriers to collect plastic waste from the ocean while still allowing sea life to safely pass underneath the barriers through the current. Once collected, the plastic will be recycled or used for energy recovery.

We are proud to support the scaling of this project, which runs on donations, as it is fully aligned with our waste-to-product vision.