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Sustainable Mobility Pledge

Reducing CO2 on the way to work

In October 2016, Van Gansewinkel (VGG), along with the CEOs of Dutch Railways (NS) and Dutch energy distributor Enexis, pledged to reduce the carbon emissions generated from their employees travelling to and from work.

The Sustainable Mobility Pledge was presented to the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the Environment Minister Sharon Dijksma during the national Climate Summit in Rotterdam.

The pledge was made on behalf of 14 organisations committed to encouraging their employees to get to work in a carbon-free or low-carbon way, either by cycling or using public transport. Travelling causes 20% of all CO2 emissions in the Netherlands, the summit heard, so it is crucial to make reductions in this area.

Vodafone, ASR, Conclusion, Asito, Rabobank, RHD HR, Triodos, Vebego, Ziggo, Pro Rail, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment all signed up to the pledge.

Renewi will remain a signatory to the pledge and will work closely with its pledge partners towards meaningful future targets.