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Viu More – Artificial Intelligence for improved waste separation

Boosting the circular economy

Flanders aims to become Europe's circular hub. Its aim is to keep materials in the product cycle for as long as possible. Actually as materials, not as fuel. Collaboration between Viu More and waste-to-product specialist Renewi allows companies in Flanders to better separate waste at source.

The (start of) collaboration

With the Flemish Regulation on Sustainable Management of Material Cycles and Waste (VLAREMA), companies in Flanders are obligated to have their waste collected separately. To help companies in Flanders satisfy this requirement, Renewi is investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Viu More.

‘Effective innovations such as these have a positive impact on overall business operations AND also determine the difference between just satisfying a requirement and staying ahead of the market, as Renewi does,’ explains Jan Meynen, CEO at Viu More. To this end, Renewi's compactor vehicles are equipped with intelligent cameras that take photos of the collected waste. Meynen: 'These photos go to Renewi's cloud. Operating in the cloud are several AI models that have been trained with Renewi to recognise different materials. Renewi can use these data to advise customers so that they can separate better at source.’

Matthias van den Bergh, Concept Engineer at Renewi: 'We want to better assist and advise customers with objective information about what is in their residual waste and how we can reduce that waste together.' By collecting automated data on collected waste, Renewi can provide automated feedback to customers so that they can improve their waste performance.

A.I. Camera

A.I. Detectie

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