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We’re on a mission to protect the world by giving new life to used materials

And we need you!

At Renewi, our purpose is to protect the world by giving new life to used materials. Thus, we work with state-of-the-art technologies in waste processing to give waste new life as secondary raw materials and make our economy more circular.

Still, transitioning to a society where recycling is at the centre of the value chain can only happen if policymakers promote recycling and the technology to create high-quality secondary raw materials is business-ready. As a waste-to-product company that wishes to play a strong part in this transition, we embarked on a mission: Mission75. This term refers to our ambitious plan to increase Renewi’s recycling rate from 65% to 75% by 2025.

We are searching for organisations and people open to collaborate and accelerate innovation within our companies to fulfil our mission. Do you have an innovative, circular solution and are looking forward to implementing it at a commercial scale? Do you think this could have a strong impact in the industry and are looking for the next steps?

Then get in touch with us! We’re looking for mutually beneficial collaborations to create new ways to recycle more and better. As a leading waste-to-product company in Belgium and the Netherlands, we can give you access to:

  • large, consistent, high-quality volumes of waste streams;
  • our facilities, installations and highly-skilled professionals staff;
  • our extensive network of clients and partners;
  • added promotion of your brand from our marketing department;
  • and high-sustainability performances.

Our history of successful, circular innovations and collaborations gives us confidence in finding new ways to recycle more materials and lower carbon emissions together. Because for us, nothing matters more than “waste no more”.

Join our mission?

Are you or your organisation interested in circularity and have an innovative idea?

Circular Future

Tackling the climate emergency

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report, humanity’s impact on the Earth’s climate is clear. And the consequences of a rise in the global average temperature are getting more and more tangible in our daily lives.

To counteract climate change, Renewi firmly committed to six of the 17 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals with the explicit intention of enabling the circular economy whilst reducing waste and carbon emissions. An ambitious yet important goal as 70% of global greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions come from material handling and use. Our people know this, and they are working really hard to discover new ways to make products, logistics and energy production more circular.

We do this by stimulating the reuse of secondary materials to lower the extraction of virgin materials, increase materials’ value-retention and cut excessive consumptions, thereby reducing GHGs. Since 8.6% of our economy is currently circular, increasing it to 17% by 2032 would help Earth keep the rise of the average global temperature lower than 2°C by 2100. Our Mission75 is a concrete action to help humanity reach this target.

Join our mission?

We’re on a mission to turn more and more waste into secondary raw materials. Every day, we take innovative actions to advance the circular economy and make businesses more sustainable — for our customers, people, communities, grandchildren, and for you.

Meet our innovationmanagers

Ernst-Jan Mul

As an innovation manager, I develop and coordinate Renewi's approach to innovation whilst supporting colleagues and partners in this process.

Before joining Renewi in January 2020, I worked at a Biotech start-up, making products from microalgae, and at the Cradle to Cradle consultancy EPEA, where I focused on the practical processes of circular innovation.

As we're gaining momentum with our innovation program, I'm looking forward to working with you all and make Mission75 a reality!

Hanneke Agterhuis

As Project Manager Business Development I have a background in Resource Engineering at the TU Delft. I work on strategic innovation projects, by finding suitable technologies and working out the business cases.

All of my career so far has been in recycling, first as a Project Manager at Auto Recycling Nederland and then as a Process Engineer at AVR. In these roles I focussed on improving existing processes and implementing new technologies.

Since 2011 I have worked at Renewi on a wide range of subjects, from nappies to glass from TV tubes. This diversity and the way Renewi approaches innovations is what makes this such a fun and inspiring job.

Are you or your organisation interested in circularity and have an innovative solution? Do you wish to implement it at a commercial scale? At Renewi, we’d love to hear from you! Any solution is welcome, and we would love to start with those with the highest and direct impact. Can we help to scale your solution?

Our Innovation Manager, Ernst Jan Mul, or our Project Manager Business Development, Hanneke Agterhuis, will get in touch with you once you complete the form. Our teams of 40 circular innovation experts are looking forward to working together to accelerate innovation and increase our recycling rate to 75%.

Contact us

Our strategy

Renewi launched its enhanced strategy in June 2020, supporting its vision to be the leading waste-to-product company in Europe. This further differentiates Renewi as a pure-play recycler — a company that focuses on supplying high-quality secondary materials, which we believe is the best way to extract value from waste and contribute to a solution to the world’s climate problem.

Watch our mission

We seek to be seen as the leading waste-to-product company by all our key stakeholders: employees, customers, communities and, of course, our shareholders. To achieve this target, we must keep bringing circular innovations into our business to ultimately increase our recycling rate to 75% and lead the charge in the European recycling industry.