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The Monostreams Division comprises four businesses: Coolrec, Maltha, Mineralz and Orgaworld. It represents around 12% of Renewi’s revenues.

These businesses produce materials for specific markets from waste streams such as glass bottles, discarded electrical and electronic equipment, food waste, source separated organics and bottom ashes from incinerators. The resulting products are used in markets such as jars and bottles for food and beverage packaging, plastics for new appliances, green energy, compost and fertiliser products, and building and construction materials in western Europe.

Coolrec is a recycler of electrical and electronic appliances, producing recycled plastics and both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It has eight sites across Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany, and the appliances are being supplied largely from so-called producer schemes on long-term supply contracts. Coolrec has innovative partnerships with industry partners such as Philips and Miele to make products circular.

The Mineralz business produces building materials from incinerator bottom ashes, extracting both minerals and metals as part of the process. The company has become an important partner for incinerators who need to comply with the Dutch Green Deal. The Deal states that 100% of the bottom ashes have to be recycled by 2020. Mineralz has partnerships with producers of building materials to turn cleaned materials into products like concrete tiles. Mineralz continues to operate unique landfill services to manage specialist waste streams such as fly ashes at the Maasvlakte landfill site in Rotterdam which was granted an extension during the year.

Orgaworld is an innovative leader in organic waste treatment and is a producer of green electricity and soil enhancing materials. It has five facilities in the Netherlands, primarily based on (tunnel) composting, anaerobic digestion and waste water treatment technology. In the Amsterdam area, Orgaworld produces green energy for around 15,000 homes. In addition to its production facilities, Orgaworld has an Organics Innovation Centre to develop products of the future.

Maltha is a European leader in glass recycling, focused primarily on recycling flat and container glass into “cullet” and glass powder for reuse in the glass industry. 33% of the Maltha group is owned by Owens-Illinois, a world leader in packaging glass. Maltha has sites in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal and Hungary.