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Waste no more 

A world where we waste no more. This is and remains our starting point. We ensure that used materials are given a new life. How do we do that? By separating waste, collecting and processing it into new raw materials. We do not do this on our own: we work with various partners and, together with our customers, we ensure that they achieve their sustainability objectives. In addition, we are socially committed to share our circular vision and sharing knowledge. At the same time, we understand and test the expectations and needs that exist in the market, so that we can adjust our services accordingly and further contribute to a better world. We lead by example by working on our own sustainability each day and by continuously using better and smarter technologies. Interested in some practical examples? Feel free to read our cases below.

Recycled filament for 3D printing

Collaboration with sustainable start-ups speeds up the transformation to a circular economy. For example, we helped a number of young entrepreneurs from the Better Future Factory on their way in their ambition to make filament for 3D printers from our recycled plastics. However, to be able to do that, all kinds of rules and regulations must be met, such as REACH and ROHS. And because of the very fact that they are recycled materials, it is more complex compared to primary raw materials. We played an important role in the transfer of knowledge and through our subsidiary Coolrec, we also supplied the plastic for a white filament called HIPS. This plastic is obtained from the recycling of old refrigerators. The 3D filaments are supplied on a cardboard spool that is also fully recyclable. Interested in HIPS? Click here for a look.

Waste awareness concepts for events

We make visitors to events increasingly aware of waste. We do this with the deployment of our ‘Afval Obers’ (or ‘Waste Waiters’), ‘Walking Bins’ and ‘Recycles’. Local authorities and festival organisers are happy to use these Renewi concepts, because this sends a clear message against litter while supporting waste separation, thereby preventing litter in a fun way.

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Solar energy from Zoeterwoude

We try to generate as much green energy as possible. We achieve this by converting organic waste into energy, for example, but also by using solar panels. In 2017, we generated a total of 143,000mWh. Approximately 260,000kWh of this was accounted for by the Renewi Zoeterwoude location, which has installed more than 1,000 solar panels. That is enough to supply 14,000 households with green energy for a year.