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Preventing waste

What sort of waste containers do you have at home? Containers for residual waste, paper and kitchen waste, perhaps? And no doubt you also separate plastic and glass. But do you also do this at work? Here at Renewi we are keen to help you do this, and we are investing considerable effort in this. Our aim is to prevent, sort and process waste so it can be reused and recycled.

However much attention you devote to sorting waste at home, things can often be quite different at work. And yet, that’s somewhere you can also make a difference. We are not asking you to separate things to the nth degree, but we are asking you to think at the start of the day about what is going to be left over at the end of the day. As a producer, you can take recycling into account in the design phase. As a purchaser, you can draw up your procurement conditions in such a way that when products come to the end of their useful life they can then be given a second or third life. And then you will suddenly see different results, because a small increase in awareness can have a surprising impact on people’s behaviour.

It is worthwhile preventing waste. Renewi ensures that the sorting of waste gives rise to the maximum possible amount of raw materials and energy, whilst also making sure that the cost of collecting, removing and recycling waste is kept to a minimum.

We do this by analysing our customers’ operating processes, by advising on business models so that the end of one chain forms the start of the next. This no longer requires a reactive, traditional customer-supplier relationship, instead it calls for a shared vision of the circular economy and specific proactive partnerships that are based on trust.