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Continuing together down the same path

23 October 2020

Mineralz and ATM: two companies that started in the same place, whose paths have crossed and are now coming together again. The ball started rolling for both companies in the 1980s after a large amount of contaminated soil was released in the town of Lekkerkerk. Demand for soil remediation increased, installations were built, and disposers could go to one company or the other depending on the soil’s composition. Later they came together again on the market for secondary building materials. On 1 April 2020, Mineralz, ATM and CFS joined forces to create the Renewi Mineralz & Water division. Theo Olijve, managing director of the new Mineralz & Water division, explains the next logical step.

In November 2018, Renewi announced plans to divest the industrial service provider Reym, ATM’s sister company at the time. Mineralz was then still part of a family alongside Renewi’s Coolrec and Maltha. In October 2019, Reym was sold to the Remondis Group and the former Hazardous Waste division ceased to exist. Starting in April 2020, the entire divisional structure of Renewi was changed, bringing ATM and Mineralz together. We have had a family relationship with the water treatment company CFS in Weert since the Shanks - Van Gansewinkel merger. So that’s the history of the relationships so far. 

Theo Olijve, the new managing director of the Renewi Mineralz & Water division.

Total Care in soil and water
“Mineralz and ATM complement each other in terms of both knowledge and process,” says ATM’s former general manager Theo Olijve. He is the freshly appointed managing director of the new Mineralz & Water division. “Mineralz already knows a lot about the sales market and potential applications of secondary building materials. ATM is strong in engineering and has a great deal of in-house knowledge and expertise in relation to processes and maintenance. We also complement each other nicely in terms of processes. Together, we have various processing techniques at our disposal, so we always have a solution for contaminated soil, whatever its composition.”

Theo is convinced that combining the strengths of Mineralz and ATM is the way forward: “Our customers will benefit from this synergy. As far as silt and waste water are concerned, our forces have already been combined for some time. Together with our processing capabilities for packaged chemical waste and shipping facilities, we offer the waste market a total package.

From waste processor to supplier of raw materials
It’s a done deal and the added value is crystal clear, but what changes will we notice? “We are not going to integrate for the sake of integrating. We're not aiming for a highly formalised relationship, but will support each other where we can. That has actually been the case for quite some time. ATM has already received support from Mineralz in marketing the new secondary building materials of gravel, sand and filler. Mineralz is a step ahead with its FORZ© brand. At ATM this is still in its infancy. We have been investing in innovative improvements for several years in a row. What's more, there are plenty of opportunities for growth – not only as a recognised expert in waste processing, but also as a producer that gives new life to waste.” At any rate, together we have the potential to become the Netherlands’ largest supplier of circular products. Together we have a great future ahead of us! ”