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Renewi’s recycling rate to jump to 75% within 5 years

27 June 2020

International waste-to-product company, Renewi plc (LSE: RWI, Euronext: RWI), operating in the world’s most advanced circular economies, has announced its intention to increase its recycling rate by over 10% points, to 75% by 2025.

The company, already leading the field with a recycling rate of 64,7%, launched its new sustainability strategy today in which it also commits to significantly reduce the CO2 impact of it’s collection activities in The Netherlands and Belgium over the same period.

“Within five years 100% of our fleet of collection vehicles will be clean low emission EURO VI trucks. We also intend to introduce 65 new electric trucks to our fleet. The first one will start services in the Amsterdam region in August 2020”, says Otto de Bont, CEO of Renewi. “The new sustainability strategy is linked to our refreshed business strategy and puts us in an excellent position to futher fulfill our purpose, to protect the world by giving new life to used materials. With our recently-launched strategy we will become a leader in the production of secondary raw materials by, amongst other things, encouraging manufacturing companies to replace the current use of primary raw materials. Going forward, we will also increase the volumes of secondary materials produced with new and innovative processing technology fivefold, from 200.000 tonnes to over one million tonnes.”

Sustainability is at the very heart of Renewi’s business. Particularly in terms of the amount of secondary raw materials and energy it produces. Over the past year, Renewi recycled or recovered a greater percentage of the waste than it handled, increasing its recycling and recovery rate to 90,8% which is the highest achieved by the company. Renewi adds value to its customers by improving the sustainability of their operations and maximising recycling. This will continue going forwards and, in parallel, Renewi will roll out programmes to further improve the sustainability of its own operations.

“Renewi’s activities are driven by its unifying purpose of giving new life to used materials,” adds de Bont. “This purpose places sustainability at the heart of what we do and positions us as a important link within the circular economy. Renewi has three clear areas of focus within our new sustainability strategy: to care for people, to enable the circular economy and to reduce carbon emissions and waste. This strategy, together with our values, serves as a guiding principle to help us realise our waste-to-product strategy.”

Renewi’s full Sustainability Report can be found on the company’s website: www.renewiplc.com