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Care for People

Ensuring colleagues are healthy, happy and safe at work is a key objective of care for people. As is caring for the communities in which we work and where we can for the wider population.

Every day, no matter the circumstance, our front-line teams keep communities and business waste free by collecting waste and bringing it onto site where colleagues separate and store it ready for recycling. Behind the scenes, teams of innovators work tirelessly to find new ways to get value from waste. Our people do their bit for society. It’s our job to do our bit for our people by nurturing health and wellbeing across the business which includes getting our people home safe at the end of each working day.

Safety is a top priority at Renewi and it is also the first of our six core Values that underpin who we are and how we act. In 2018/19 we launched our new Safety Culture Initiative, focusing on five key themes: leadership, employee engagement, common standards, communications and performance.

We also work hard to keep communities safe by managing and reducing emissions to air, land and water, and pollution of any kind in the areas in which we operate. Taking the necessary steps to prevent fires on site (often caused by batteries inadvertently included in waste collected from customers), and where fires occur, mitigating the impact on the community.

Safety of people beyond our local community is also a focus for us. During the Covid-19 crisis, we supported our vital healthcare sector by helping to keep healthcare practitioners safe. We did this by collecting significant volumes of waste from hospitals and care homes quickly and efficiently, thus ensuring there was no risk on site. We also partnered with medical equipment maker Van Straten Medical and Greencycl to recycle 48 000 facemasks per day and by so doing we made them safe for re-use by healthcare workers, including doctors and nurses.