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Enable the Circular Economy

At Renewi our purpose is to protect the word by giving new life to used materials. We recognise the value of waste and are always looking for new ways to create something new out of discarded products. We are committed to turn residual materials into secondary raw materials, and in so doing protect the world’s natural resources and preserve the planet for future generations. This puts us at the heart of the circular economy, whilst creating value for our stakeholders.  This CSR objective closely aligns with our new business strategy which states our goal is to be a leader in recycling and in secondary materials production.

Our purpose is in step with developments in the countries where Renewi operates and beyond: Businesses across European countries including Benelux are exploring sustainability, driven by legislation, the wider economy and social pressure. And we are working with companies to help them achieve their own sustainability targets.

Transforming waste into new products

The single focus of this theme is to turn our customers’ waste into new products, for we believe that today’s waste materials are tomorrow’s resources. After products have been used for as long as possible, the loops needs to be closed, and valuable raw materials must be brought back into the product value cycle. Businesses are increasingly recognising this, and today more companies are seeking guidance and asking for advice about circular thinking and practices.

Carbon avoidance from recycling and recovery

By recycling materials, and making them available as secondary raw materials, the use of primary raw materials is avoided. As a result, less carbon is emitted in the life cycle of these materials. When waste materials are used as fuel, carbon emissions that would otherwise occur by using fossil fuels are partly avoided. And when we turn landfill gas into electricity at our biggest landfill sites, we partly avoid so called diffuse carbon emissions (CO2 and methane) to air. We also expect these to decrease over time as less landfilling takes place.