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A step up the CO2 performance ladder


Reducing our carbon footprint is part of Renewi’s DNA. We embrace sustainability throughout the organisation, not just in what we do, but how we act. So everyone at Renewi is a vital part of our CSR decision-making, and involved in striving for our CSR goals.

We were delighted that during the year we obtained level four on the CO2 Performance Ladder, a Dutch certification scheme encouraging organisations to reduce carbon emissions. This was a step up from level three for both the legacy organisations.

The level three Ladder Award recognises businesses that are reducing their own carbon emissions. With a certificate on the Ladder, organisations can receive an award advantage for their registration on tenders. The level four and five Ladder awards recognise businesses that are also demonstrating a reduction in CO2 emissions in their supply chain and sector.

“It was a major achievement, because Renewi has several divisions and subsidiaries, each with their own challenges,” explains Bart Nevels, CSR Manager. “Three of these divisions (Renewi Commercial Netherlands, Mineralz & Water and Specialities) contribute in varying ways to our total CO2 footprint, with different challenges and opportunities. We first identified the CO2 emissions for the separate divisions and opportunities and then determined how much each division could contribute to the overarching goal.”

Our overarching goal is a 3.5% reduction in CO2 emissions per tonne of waste handled in 2021 relative to 2017, accounting for over 10,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved. We are on track to reach this goal.

The CO2 Performance Ladder is a great instrument to shape and direct Renewi’s CSR Policy and offers a clear strategic roadmap. To reach level four of the Ladder, we identified three important pillars: fuel use reduction, energy efficiency and green energy use.

We aim to reach level five of the CO2 Performance Ladder. “We are currently working on a uniform reporting system, which should provide better insight in fuel and energy use per division and site. With this information we can develop even more effective CO2 reduction measures,” Bart adds.