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Innovative partnerships are the key to a sustainable future

Symbiotic business partnerships are a powerful tool we can use to build a circular economy and successfully tackle challenges like climate change, waste and pollution.

At Renewi, we understand the power of collaboration and co-innovation to create high-quality, circular raw materials and sustainable solutions. By working with the right partners, we gain access to technological expertise and new resources, which can result in truly innovative outputs.  


As large-scale suppliers of raw materials and experts in sustainable waste solutions, Renewi can offer large quantities of high-quality circular materials and state-of-the-art facilities to help our partners achieve their own circular ambitions. By teaming up with technology innovators, we remain frontrunners by gaining access to the latest innovations.

This is no better exemplified than by our relationship with Playmobil, which has resulted in the creation of the award-winning Wiltopia range of children’s toys, which are made from recycled refrigerators. 


Our partnership with Nordsol and Shell has resulted in a pioneering circular solution. Renewi collects organic waste throughout the Netherlands from restaurants, the retail sector and the food processing industry, which is processed and converted into biogas via anaerobic digestion in our plant in Amsterdam. Nordsol then cleans and liquefies the methane within the biogas into liquid bio-CO2, which is used to power heavy-duty trucks and shorthaul shipping, meaning greener transportation and a reduced reliance on fossil fuels. The 3.4kT of bio-LNG produced each year is equivalent to about 13 million CO2-neutral kilometres for an average truck. Shell makes this bio-LNG available for its road transport customers in the Netherlands at LNG filling stations. 


Renewi helps start-ups too, and we work with some of our own customers to create new products from their inbound waste feedstocks. These pioneering innovations contribute to a cleaner, greener world and also help contribute directly to national and international sustainability goals.  

In short, Renewi and its partners produce cutting-edge, sustainability solutions at scale. Our continued growth and success depends on co-innovation and the deployment of the very latest technology. Our doors are open to organisations interested in partnering with us to drive circularity and innovative solutions at a commercial scale.  

Additional examples of some of our successful partnerships and circular innovations:

  • Recycling 10 million kilograms of citrus peels per year with PeelPioneers, into essential oils and citrus pulp
  • Artificial intelligence for improved waste separation with Viu More 
  • Recycling 3 million mattresses in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK with Retourmatras