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Offering new opportunities

Renewi employs around 7,000 permanent employees across our businesses in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Hungary, Germany, Portugal, France, Germany and Luxembourg. All our people have a part to play in maintaining our success as a leader in our industry, so we pride ourselves on providing a safe and inspiring workplace where people have the opportunity to grow and thrive.

Within Renewi, there are many people who are motivated and keen to move up the organisational ladder, and we take pride in offering them the opportunity to undertake training to do so. More and more of our people are taking this chance, and gaining the qualifications they need to advance within our organisation. For example, at Renewi Belgium, colleagues working as loaders or chargers are offered free driving tuition, with a guaranteed job as a driver if they pass their test successfully. Others have qualified as crane operators or wheel loaders.

But it's not only people already employed at Renewi who can benefit from the opportunities we offer. At our Lokeren plastics site, we recently undertook an Article 60 Employment Project in collaboration with the Belgian Public Centre for Social Welfare. The project set out to offer opportunities to candidates who are entitled to receive an integration wage or are in receipt of state benefits, who don't speak our language, aren't familiar with our work culture, or have a lower level of education.

The aim of the project is that within one year, the candidates will have a good grounding in many of the basic skills, including communication, timekeeping and administration. But it is not only the candidates who benefit. Renewi has found much-needed people to fill vacancies on the sorting line at Lokeren. And our community benefits enormously by offering opportunities to some of their most vulnerable and disadvantaged members.