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Renewi’s first emission-free electric truck

Renewi’s first emissionfree electric truck

Collection is often required in order to bring us the raw materials that we can sort and recycle. We carry out these activities as sustainably as we can. For example, we have invested more than €120m over the past three years to upgrade over 60% of our fleet to Euro 6 standard, cutting NOx and particulate emissions by 25% annually. We are also working with other waste companies to reduce kilometres travelled as we collect jointly from inner-city locations.

This year we bought our first zero-emission electric truck, making us the first waste company in the Netherlands to trial an electric collection vehicle in operation. Our Volvo FE Electric 6x2 has started the collection of commercial waste within the Amsterdam region. The 27-tonne truck has four 50 kW lithium-ion batteries which are powered up overnight or with DC fast charging, as well as during braking, making the vehicle suitable for urban collection. Zero-emission collection is the future – with a growing number of Dutch cities only allowing emission-free vehicles in built-up areas from 2025. This will have a significant impact on our industry, as zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) are currently more expensive than their diesel equivalents. We intend to continue to be a leader in the development and operation of ZEVs, working closely with the manufacturers to optimise performance.

  • €120m Amount we have invested in our vehicle fleet over the past three years
  • 60% Over 60% of our fleet has been upgraded to Euro 6 standard
  • 25%Level that NOx and particulate emissions have been cut by as a result.