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Sustainable partnerships


We innovate so we can extract value from waste, using state-of-the-art processing techniques. Working closely with different partners on innovative waste treatment, we are making the planet even more sustainable.

Renewi’s Coolrec subsidiary processes electrical and electronic equipment, plastics and non-ferrous metals into high-quality raw materials. Together with Renewi, Dutch watch specialist Circular Clockworks launched the world’s first range of circular watches, made from secondary raw materials.

Dieter Avonds, Director of Coolrec explains: “Many of the parts in discarded appliances are made from valuable materials. Coolrec can recover specific plastics from discarded appliances to reuse in new products, such as these sustainable watches. We are proud to be involved in this circular collaboration.”

Coolrec supplies plastic granules which are recycled from discarded electronic and electrical appliances to give new life to used materials. Renewi collects and processes the discarded appliances, grinding them into small pieces. The black watches in the range are made from materials such as recycled televisions and the white watches are created from old fridges. The watch straps are made from leather left over from shoe manufacturing processes.

Through Renewi’s specialist organic waste subsidiary, Orgaworld, we recently started converting organic household waste into bioplastics. Orgaworld is one of the most versatile and innovative international processors of organic waste materials and can recycle up to 96% of waste received. Bioplastics are more environmentally friendly than other plastics due to their biodegradable nature and use of less fossil fuels in production. The circular conversion process means bioplastics produced will be reused in the production of, for instance, recyclable bin bags for collecting kitchen and green waste. Eventually these products will return to Orgaworld, closing the circle.