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Reduce carbon emissions and waste

The ongoing pollution of natural habitats is turning our world into a hostile place to live for a lot of species, including our own. As a company, we are committed to being a part of the solution by reducing emissions through the reuse of secondary materials and reducing contamination of our eco-systems.

Our business model is oriented around sustainability by improving the carbon and waste footprint of our customers. However, we face challenges. Our waste collection is performed by a fleet of diesel trucks which, while complying with European emissions standards, also send nitrogen and particulate matter into the air, as well as carbon. The collective waste is stored or treated at our sites which uses energy. Additionally, some of our waste treatment activities cause carbon emissions and fires and environmental spills can cause unwanted emissions of substances to soil, water and air. For these reasons we identified reduce carbon emissions and waste as one of the three pillars of our new Sustainability strategy.

While we strive to maximise the carbon avoidance benefit in our value chain, we are also committed to reduce our own environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Waste Collection

Collection remains an important part of our activities. But we need to do so in a way that is clean and green - reducing carbon, nitrogen and particulate matter emissions. We have undertaken to convert our fleet of collection vehicles to those meeting Euro 6 emissions standards – the highest in Europe. We are now looking to take this a step further by going electric. In August 2020 our first zero emission electric collection truck will take to the road in Amsterdam.

In addition to greening our collection fleet, we are also committed to optimise our collection routes, reducing the number of kilometres driven. To this end, we are partnering with waste management companies to roll out white-label collection in inner cities in order to reduce urban traffic and kilometres driven.

Site Operations

In order to reduce the carbon impact of our operations, we will invest in renewable energy production at our sites and displace fossil energy use. We are also actively investing in solar panel roofing and are investigating the placement of wind turbines. Where this isn’t enough, we will purchase green energy from front-runner green energy providers.

Another area of development is the electrification of our company car feet. Renewi is actively looking to migrate our fleet of cars towards electric and hybrid cars (fuelled by green energy). We are now actively encouraging the use of electric and hybrid cars (fuelled by green energy) by colleagues with a company care. We are currently planning to increase the number of charging stations at our sites.

Residual Waste on sites and site environmental impact

We are committed to eliminating or reducing residual waste at our sites and limiting the environmental impact our sites have. We have set in motion some ‘just do it’ actions to demonstrate that we intend to shift gear on our own waste footprint, including ending single use plastics on site and improving our own recycling policy across all sites.