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Sustainability strategy


Enable the circular economy



Reduce carbon emissions and waste



Care for people


To add to our enhanced business strategy, we have also launched our first long-term sustainability strategy and our new 5-year sustainability policy which will contribute towards six of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These are: Enable the circular economy, Reduce carbon emissions and waste; and Care for people. From these three themes, we have developed six key objectives:

  • turn our customers’ waste into new products.  By doing so we reduce carbon emissions and reduce depletion of the world’s finite natural resources 
  • be a leader in clean and green waste collection. Reduce pollution and carbon emissions by deploying low and ultimately zero emission trucks, white label collection and route optimisation
  • reduce the carbon impact of our operations.  By lowering our energy consumption and increasing our use of renewable energy
  • positively impact our communities. Providing an essential service, championing recycling and circularity and engaging closely with communities, supporting them, and minimising any negative aspects of the work that we do
  • deliver people home safe and well, every day.  Safety is our first value and we continue to strive to improve our accident rates and to avoid all serious incidents.  In addition, we wish to support the health and mental well-being of all our employees; and
  • make Renewi an even more rewarding, diverse and inclusive working environment.  We seek an engaged workforce drawing on a wide range of backgrounds, all with the opportunity to thrive and achieve their potential within our organisation.