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The Hazardous Waste Division is made up of two businesses: Reym and ATM. It represents around 12% of Renewi’s revenues.

ATM is one of Europe’s largest sites for the treatment of contaminated soil and water, as well as for the disposal of a broad range of hazardous waste such as waste paints and solvents. In addition, there is a small specialist site at Weert called CFS. CFS is a specialised chemical physical separation unit that can handle highly-contaminated waters and sludges. The combination of both treatment sites gives the Hazardous Waste Division a leading position in the market.

ATM is a leader in water and soil treatment because of: the cost advantages provided by its fully integrated plant processes; its waterside location for the cleaning of ships; and its excellent record of compliance with the many environmental controls and permits required in the hazardous waste market. ATM has been heavily impacted during the year by specific discussions with the regulators on the soil cleaning process.

Reym is a leading industrial cleaning company in the Netherlands, promoting a Total Care solution (cleaning, transport and waste management) for heavy industry, petrochemical sites, oil and gas production (both on and offshore) and the food industry. Reym’s highly-experienced and trained cleaning teams use specialist equipment to deliver a reliable, cost-effective and above all safe cleaning process in a market where the cost of safety and quality is of paramount importance.