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About Destra 

Do you ever stop to think about what could happen if your confidential data were to be made public? Or about the consequences of a batch of rejected goods suddenly becoming available from itinerant traders? Or how about if unknown third parties started making improper use of your old uniforms? Unfortunately, standard waste processing solutions do not always offer sufficient guarantees when it comes to such matters. Through our Destra concept, we offer businesses and other organisations a service that guarantees the fully confidential processing of sensitive documents, data carriers and products, all carried out under strictly controlled conditions.


Roughly speaking, there are five reasons for processing certain products in a confidential way:

  1. Protection of people and the environment
    Products that may present a health risk to people and the environment and must not be allowed onto the market. This may mean products with defects, products that have exceeded their expiry date or products that are wrongly packaged, for instance.

  2. Image protection
    Products that do not meet your quality control standards and must not be sold in order to protect your company’s reputation.

  3. Brand protection
    Outdated models, prototypes or spare parts that should no longer be used in order to protect your brand and its economic value.

  4. Fraud prevention
    Fraud-sensitive materials (such as paper, digital information carriers or redundant uniforms) that need to be processed in a confidential manner in order to prevent corporate crime, unwanted competition or financial misuse.

  5. Compliance with customs legislation
    Goods that have not yet been cleared into the EU and cannot or may not be brought onto the market. We are able to process such products in a secure way, in full accordance with the applicable regulations and standards. 

Sustainable and secure

Irrespective of whether the products to be processed are made of just one type of material or ten different ones, Renewi Destra ensures that everything is processed in a sustainable and secure way. Any residues left over (which will, of course, be unrecognisable) are, wherever possible, given a new life, either as ingredients for new products or as a source of energy. We are therefore helping to create a world in which we waste no more.