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Renewi reports on strong CSR Performance and ambitious plans for coming year

18 June 2017

Renewi has published its first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report which outlines the company’s strong performance and ambitious plans for the coming year.

Of the 15 million tonnes of waste that Renewi handled in 2016/17, 90% was recycled or recovered for use in new products or energy production. The company prevented more than three million tonnes of carbon being released into the atmosphere and produced more than 172 billion watt hours of green electricity – enough to supply 40,000 homes.

Renewi performed well against its safety objectives too, with its accident rate improving by 5%. The rate that the company was able to close out its “near miss” accidents with effective plans also improved by 26%.

The company will stretch its CSR activities with targets to work towards a 95% recycling and recovery rate, a 10% increase in carbon prevention, and a 60% increase in green electricity production by 2020. The company also plans to reduce its accident rate by 25%.

Peter Dilnot, Renewi Chief Executive Officer said:
“I am very pleased with the positive CSR progress we made at Shanks and Van Gansewinkel. Now that we are one company, we will take the best from both former companies to deliver a CSR performance that is greater than the sum of our parts. We have set ourselves ambitious and stretching targets and I am confident that we will be able to meet these by continuing to give new life to used materials and playing our important role in the circular economy.

The Renewi CSR report can be downloaded from the company’s website: