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From waste to sustainable toys

30 November 2020

ROCKEEES rock big time!

ROCKEEES is a fully sustainable waste-to-product toy. It's the result of great collaboration among the Dutch design agency Apollo-11, the injection moulding company Injection Point and Coolrec, a subsidiary of Renewi.

A refrigerator is filled with valuable materials, as you can recycle up to 98% of them. These materials can give life to new electrical devices, or sustainable toys such as ROCKEEES! In 2019, Recupel collected 20,381 tonnes from 462,246 wasted refrigerating appliances. These appliances were then recycled into new raw materials using the innovative techniques from Recupel processors, such as Recydel-Coolrec.

"It's well-known that a circular economy is the economy of the future. At Recupel, we are committed to accelerating this change by no longer seeing broken products as waste, but as sources of raw materials that we can reuse. That's the basis of the circular economy. These ROCKEEES toys show once again that refrigerators are urban gold mines for recyclers."
Eric Dewaet, CEO Recupel

When it comes to innovative recycling techniques, Recydel - Coolrec, the largest recycler of plastic wastes in Europe, comes into the spotlight. With three high-tech production lines, Recydel annually recycles approximately 50 million kg of plastics into valuable secondary raw materials. From shredded plastic, obtained mainly from the WEEE fractions, to regrind or granulate explicitly made for the production of new products or components. In this way, the plastic chain is closed.

ROCKEEES are cool

You see them along beaches, hiking trails, or all over the world: the beautifully stacked stones that challenge gravity. As these rocks symbolize freedom, Apollo-11 wanted to create a toy that would let its users experience the same sensation. After months of brainstorming, playing with gravity, calculating and testing, the resulting toy became a toy with no less than 17 balancing points for endless fun.

"Since sustainability is as important as playing and crafting unique designs for us, we wanted the ROCKEEES to be made with an eye for carbon emissions. That's why we produced them locally and opted for high-quality recyclates from Coolrec refrigerators. It's a 'cool' toy for young and old people."
Jean-Pierre Reas, Owner at Apollo-11

The collected refrigerators are dismantled and shredded by Coolrec. In this process, the raw materials are released in different fractions and separated into metals, colourants and plastics. These plastics are sorted by polymers using floating/zinc and electrostatic techniques, and then converted into a granulate with a tailor-made composition for our customers. Coolstar is 100% recycled HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene Granule), and a sustainable and alternative to "virgin" polymers. These granules are then injected into the ROCKEEES by the plastic injection moulder Injection Point.

"We strive for a manufacturing industry that deals consciously with raw materials, switches to circular designs and is concerned in reducing CO2 in their production processes. ROCKEEES is an epitome that shows that very nice circular initiatives can happen through chain cooperation, even in more technical industries. And we are proud of it!"
Cristel Rijnen, Owner of Injection Point

"I am very proud of this product. Making toys from waste defies all imagination, and it is only possible by continuously investing in innovation and quality improvements. This has been a wonderful collaboration, and I hope that people will now become aware of the importance of correctly collecting, separating and recycling their waste."
Dieter Avonds, Managing Director at Coolrec

Where can I buy those cool ROCKEEES?

Santa Claus can draw the sustainable circular card this winter! The ROCKEEES are on sale on bol.com or www.rockeees.com