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Green Collective: for fewer collection trucks and cleaner air

01 June 2021

A cleaner and safer inner city through fewer transport movements. That's what Renewi and SUEZ want to achieve with Green Collective, a new joint venture that brings waste collectors together to jointly collect commercial waste in municipalities. Using shared trucks that drive along combined collection routes they contribute to a cleaner and safer city. This reduces the collection traffic in the inner cities of municipalities by as much as 50 percent. This also delivers a considerable CO2 reduction, because every fewer 100 kilometres driven results in an average saving of up to 160 kilograms of CO2. Green Collective aims by 2023 to have started in at least 30 municipalities with the sustainable collection of commercial waste.

Started in 4 municipalities

Renewi and SUEZ have already had some positive experiences in the sustainable collection of commercial waste. The initiative has, for example, started successfully in the cities of Gouda, Bergen op Zoom, Roosendaal and Amsterdam. The collaboration between Renewi and SUEZ is now being ratified in a newly established joint venture: Green Collective. The main advantage for municipalities is that they no longer have to worry about the collection of commercial waste. Renewi and SUEZ work together, but also unite the efforts of other waste collectors in the city. Green Collective takes care of the implementation, management and administration of the project within a joint waste collection initiative.

Reduced CO2 emissions

This joint collection saves many kilometres of driving and subsequently CO2 emissions. Municipalities also become safer due to the reduced number of transport movements. Nothing changes regarding the existing services for the customers of Renewi, SUEZ and other collectors. All customers retain the contract and contact with their own waste collector, but the waste is collected by the collection truck of Green Collective.

Collection activities more efficient, sustainable and safe

“As participant in the Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics, we want at least 30 municipalities having waste collected in an emission-free manner by 2023. Through establishing Green Collective, we take a leading role in achieving the objectives of the Green Deal Emission City Logistics,” says Winkel, Director of Collection & Operations at SUEZ. “Together we can carry out our collection activities much more efficiently, sustainably and safely. By collecting together smartly, we work towards a safe city and contribute to cleaner air.”

“It is in our blood to keep on looking for ways to reduce CO2 and to give materials from residual flows a second life. Renewi can help companies become more circular. By working closely together and advising companies how to process their waste more efficiently. By jointly developing innovative solutions for lowering their CO2 footprint even further, which also benefits the entire community," explains Jan-Erik Diephuis, Operational Director at Renewi.