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The first Dutch bio-LNG installation: Construction has started

19 November 2020

Renewi, Nordsol and Shell have started the construction of the first bio-LNG installation in Amsterdam Westpoort. The new bio-LNG installation is an extension for the current processing of, among other things, outdated products from the supermarkets.

With an investment of several millions, the technical partner Nordsol will be the first to produce bio-LNG in the Netherlands. The development of this production location in Amsterdam Westpoort paves the way for Dutch bio-LNG.

The three initiators each fulfill a unique role in the new waste-to-energy chain. Renewi collects organic waste throughout the Netherlands, such as expired products, processes this waste and converts it into biogas during its fermentation. The Nordsol installation then processes this biogas into bio-LNG. Finally, Shell sells this bio-LNG at its LNG filling stations.

Compared to diesel, bio-LNG has lower CO2 emissions. Moreover, bio-LNG is made from organic waste and not from fossil sources. Bio-LNG will play an important role in the coming years in making heavy road and water transport more sustainable because the electrification of trucks and ships is difficult.

In the Nordsol installation, the biogas extracted from organic waste is converted into bio-LNG and liquid bio-CO2, a transparent and fair supply chain. Biogas consists of approximately 60% methane and 40% carbon dioxide (CO2). The technology makes it possible to efficiently separate pure methane from the biogas and liquefy it into bio-LNG. The CO2 by-product is reused in the market and therefore ensures an additional CO2 emission reduction. This leads to a 100% CO2 neutral fuel.

The installation will be operational within a year, as the standardized modules are produced elsewhere and connected on the Renewi site. The installation will soon produce 3.4 kilotons of bio-LNG per year. This allows more than 13 million kilometers of CO2 neutral driving. To give an idea - this is more than 370 times around the globe.


“Collaboration of partners in the chain produces concrete results. This is in line with our vision of "Waste no More" and is in line with our aim to take the lead in producing secondary raw materials from waste flows. By also driving on bio-LNG itself when collecting these waste materials, Renewi closes the circle. ”
Otto de Bont, CEO Renewi

"Shell wants to find solutions to reduce emissions and is committed to working with partners such as Renewi and Nordsol.”
Marjan van Loon, President-Directeur Shell Nederland

"Smart use of technology forms the basis for a healthy and sustainable business case.”
Jerom van Roosmalen, CEO Nordsol

About Renewi
Renewi focuses exclusively on obtaining value from waste instead of burning or dumping waste. Of the 14 million tons of waste it processes annually, 89% is recycled or used for energy recovery. The installation here is a convenient and suitable extension of this.

About Nordsol
Nordsol strives to make bio-LNG mainstream with its patented technology. The unique energy-efficient production process turns biogas into bio-LNG in an economically feasible way and thus an alternative to green gas. Nordsol aims to produce 25 kilotons of bio-LNG per year by 2025. Nordsol develops, invests, builds and manages the installations and works together with various investors, biogas suppliers and bio-LNG customers.

About Shell
Shell wants to play an active role in the transition of the Dutch energy system. For Shell, the acceleration of the Dutch energy transition is an opportunity to take advantage of the opportunities that the energy transition offers. The use of bio-LNG as a cleaner fuel for transport is one of the solutions that Shell provides.