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Our impact

When your business strategy and sustainability strategy meet, sustainability becomes part of your organisation's DNA.

Enabling the circular economy is at our core and expressed in our Purpose to “give new life to used materials to protect the world”. That is exactly why two of our business strategy objectives are to be both a leader in recycling and a leader in secondary raw material production.

It lives in the heart of our company reappraising our core and puts us in the center of the circular economy: our purpose.

Our long-term strategy and vision will deliver sustainable value creation – so we can keep positively impacting society through innovation. In this way, we commit to continue working to create a better, and greener future for everyone.

By embracing and boosting the circular economy, by replacing incineration and landfill with recycling, we can slow down global warming and tackle the threat of climate change.

The eyes of all future generations are upon us.

Together we have to act now. Live our vision. Join our mission.

Think Renewi.