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Capital Markets Event – Circular Innovations

Renewi, an organisation with a long track record as a recycling innovator, recently hosted a virtual Capital Markets Event which you can watch now on the video above.

During the event our CEO Otto de Bont talked about how the circular economy is a priority response to the climate crisis, that partnerships and innovation are essential to meet our customers’ needs, and that these innovations support the transition objectives of the EU and national governments. Our MDs talked about our response in the areas of Plastics, Organics, Building Materials and Advanced Sorting, and our process of innovation.  Our CFO Toby Woolrych talked about how these investments of €110m will deliver €20m+ of EBIT by the end of 2025, contributing to increase recycling rates towards the target 75% and save >0.5mT of CO2 emissions.

If you would like to join us to learn more about our commitment to invest and build facilities, our scalability, and to get details around our target returns, supported by virtual tours of key facilities, please watch the video above. Download slide deck

Renewi has a long track record as a recycling innovator and has for years worked with innovative customers and partners to provide new closed-loop and circular solutions.

The videos below give you the opportunity to look closer at our current, exciting innovation projects which will deliver both sustainability and business results


Renewi leads organic waste valorisation.  Major new investments of €20m are being made to create next generation uses of BioGas.

Our amazing facility in Amsterdam has pioneered taking out-of-date food waste to create Bio-Gas to grid and Bio-LNG.  These creative solutions showcase Renewi’s innovation and partnering.  They deliver responsible reuse of the materials from the largest supermarkets such as Albert Hein and deliver carbon neutral alternatives into the long-haul transportation market for our partner Shell, working in collaboration with technology contributor Nordsol.

In this video, Organics Director Klaas van den Berg talks more about our organics waste innovations.


Of plastic packaging waste, 14% is collected for recycling but only 2% can be recycled into the same or similar quality application, while plastic consumption is increasing exponentially.  However Renewi achieves fully circular plastic solutions and is investing in more plastics reprocessing.

Our focus on rigid plastics reprocessing produces high purity granulates that can displace virgin materials, directly preserve resources, and avoid CO2 emissions.  These products fill a vital gap for customers who value sustainability.


ATM is Renewi’s flagship site that processes over 2m tonnes of waste a year at full production, decontaminating the polluted inbound feedstock to produce quality secondary building materials and water.

We’re investing in refinement of clean soil into valuable end products that meet customer secondary construction material requirements for gravel, for sand and for fillers. Installations and processing capability investments have been made, following which certification and end of waste status will further enhance output.

Theo Olijve, Managing Director for Mineralz and Water, goes into more detail in this video.

Commercial waste Belgium

Vlarema 8 is a fundamental legislation changing the landscape in Flanders, Belgium.  Heavy fines will follow if recyclate materials are sent to incineration and yet this can be avoided if Renewi processes the waste through new advanced sorting lines. 

Our investment of €60m is the largest single investment since Renewi was created, but it will save 130kT per annum from incineration, increasing our residual waste recycling rate from 28% to 50% and saving an additional 32kT of CO2, while enabling our customers to meet the requirements of Vlarema 8.

Managing Director Mark Thys gives the detail in this video.