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Welcome to the Renewi suppliers page

Renewi aims to work in a transparent and efficient way with its suppliers and to improve the procurement to pay process.

On this page you will find all information about the collaboration of Renewi and its suppliers. This information includes the sending of invoices to Renewi, receiving purchase orders from Renewi and the collaboration between Renewi and its suppliers through the purchasing system Coupa.

These processes are explained on the sub-pages below. In addition, you will find documents regarding training and manuals on these sub-pages as well.

If you are interested in the terms and conditions, frequently asked questions & answers and a contact form, you can find these at the bottom of the page.

Invoices: simple, intuitive and fast

On the Invoices page, you will find all information about the possibilities suppliers have to send their invoices to Renewi. You will also find supporting documents such as training materials, manuals and Renewi address and email information.

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Purchase Orders: direct, complete and transparent

On the Purchase Order page, you will find all information on how suppliers will be receiving purchase orders from Renewi. In addition, you will find supporting documents such as training materials and manuals as well.

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Coupa: an e-procurement solution

On the Coupa page, you will find information about the procurement system through which Renewi sends its purchase orders and receives invoices from the suppliers. On this page you can read all about this efficient collaboration as well as information about the system and the advantages for suppliers.

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