Investor Relations

Managing your shares

Registrar services

Administrative enquiries concerning shareholdings in the Company should be made to the Registrar, Computershare Investor Services PLC, The Pavilions, Bridgwater Road, Bristol BS99 6ZZ. Computershare can also be contacted by telephone on 0370 707 1290.

Shareholders can also manage their shareholding online by registering at:


Company profits are customarily returned to shareholders in part in the form of dividends. The frequency and amount per share of dividend payments are decided by the Board of Directors. Renewi plc normally pays an interim dividend each January and a final dividend for the previous financial year in August.

Shareholders who do not currently have their dividends paid directly to a bank or building society account and who wish to do so should complete a mandate form obtainable from Computershare. Tax vouchers are sent to the shareholder’s registered address under this arrangement, unless requested otherwise. Shareholders are strongly encouraged to receive their cash dividends by direct transfer as this ensures dividends are credited promptly and efficiently.

Global Payment Service

Overseas Shareholders wishing to receive their dividend payment in their local currency can now do so using the Global Payments Service offered by our Registrars. The benefits to you are:-

  • Automatic currency conversion into your local currency (over 100 countries worldwide);
  • Faster receipt of funds by being credited directly to your bank account;
  • No lost cheques

To action this service Go to

Electronic shareholder communication

Shareholders may elect to receive future shareholder documents and information by email or via the Company’s website. This is intended to help the environment by reducing paper and transport as well as enabling the Company to save on administration, printing and postage costs.

The Renewi plc website contains copies of our financial reports, corporate news and other shareholder information. Shareholder information will be made available by way of publication on the website. Shareholders have the following options:

Option A. Receive email notification that documents and information are available on the Renewi plc website.

You may register for this option by registering your email address at (You will require your Shareholder Reference Number which can be found on either your Share Certificate or recent Dividend Certificate/Tax Voucher.) If you choose this option, we will make a donation to The Woodland Trust.

Option B. Receive all documents and information by post.

Option C. Receive notification by post that documents and information are available on the Renewi plc website (including the Annual Report).

You may change your mind as to how you receive your shareholder information at any time by notifying Computershare. You may also request a hard copy of a particular document at any time from the Company.

Share fraud warning

Fraudsters use persuasive and high pressure tactics to lure investors into scams. They may offer to sell shares that turn out to be worthless or non-existent, or to buy shares at an inflated price in return for an up-front payment. While high profits are promised, if you buy or sell shares in this way you will probably lose your money.

How to avoid fraud
Firms authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will rarely contact you out of the blue with an offer to buy or sell your shares. If you feel that the person contacting you is not legitimate, note their name and the firm they work for; you can check the Financial Services Register at to see if the person and firm is authorised by the FCA. Call the FCA on 0800 111 6768 if the firm does not have contact details on the register or they are out of date. You can search the list of unauthorised firms to avoid at If you buy or sell shares from an unauthorised firm, you will not have access to the Financial Ombudsman or Financial Services Compensation Scheme. You should always consider getting independent financial advice before any transaction.

Report a scam
If you are approached by a fraudster please tell the FCA using the share fraud reporting form at, where you can find out more about investment scams, or call the FCA Consumer Helpline on 0800 111 6768. If you have already paid money to share fraudsters you should contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

Share price information

Share price information on Renewi plc is widely available in the financial press and on financial websites. The ISIN (“International Securities Identification Number”) code for the Company’s ordinary shares is GB0007995243 and the SEDOL (“Stock Exchange Daily Official List”) number is 0799524.


If shareholders have only a small number of shares whose value makes it uneconomic to sell, they may wish to consider donating them to the charity ShareGift (registered charity no. 1052686). Further information may be obtained from their website at or by calling 020 7930 3737.

Company websites

The website for Renewi companies within Belgium can be found at, for the Netherlands at, for the United Kingdom at