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Year in Review 2018/19

Underlying progress in core commercial divisions
offset by challenges elsewhere




Up 1%

Underlying EBIT


Up 11%

Underlying profit before tax


Up 9%

Statutory loss for the year


Prior year (53.9)m

Chairman statement

Renewi has a compelling offering for waste producers and purchasers of secondary materials, with local service supported by a range of processing technologies.

CEO review

Our performance has been robust despite a number of challenges, with an increase in EPS, and we have implemented a series of actions to reduce Renewi’s core net debt and leverage ratio.

CFO review

Free cash flow conversion was better than anticipated, despite reduced profits from ATM, boosted by tight capital spend and no soil off-take.

Renewi year end results 2018/19 video


Build confidence. Deliver growth

We will focus on the treatment of commercial waste and the further simplification of our operating model and our portfolio.

Our stakeholders

Our CSR approach

The circular economy is growing and more businesses are exploring sustainability, driven by the wider economy, legislation and social pressure.

Interview Jolande Sap

Jolande’s understanding of the circular economy and environmental regulation as a national Green party politician in the Netherlands gives Renewi a fascinating and valuable perspective. She explains how joint efforts are needed by business and Government to innovate and to drive forward the circular economy.

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