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Renewi Annual Report & Accounts 2022/23

We are a waste-to-product company and a leader in sustainability, operating at the heart of the circular economy. As pure-play recyclers, our core purpose is to give new life to used materials.

Every day we help our customers progress towards their net-zero emission ambition. We do this by creating secondary materials with a lower carbon footprint than the primary resources they replace. We help our customers help the planet.



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"Our markets are evolving rapidly and we are attuned to the associated opportunities and challenges."

Ben Verwaayen


"Our key strategic initiatives aimed at delivering sustained growth for Renewi are continuing to deliver according to plan."

Otto de Bont

Chief Executive Officer

Building on a legacy of more than 100 years, the work we do at Renewi brings us one step closer to a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Acquiring Renewi Westpoort

In the Netherlands, we completed the acquisition of Renewi Westpoort from Paro, strengthening our position in the construction and demolition industry. We progressed the construction of our new plastics sorting line in Acht, with the aim to commission in FY24.

Opening advanced sorting line

In Belgium, as part of our investment of over €60m to support customer compliance, we responded to VLAREMA 8 legislation by building and commissioning our advanced sorting line for residual waste in Ghent.

Delivering recycled plastics to Playmobil

Coolrec (a part of our Specialities Division) and Playmobil partnered to deliver high-quality recycled plastic for the toy maker’s award-winning recycled Wiltopia range.

Advancing glass recyclate quality

€5m+ investment in our glass recycling facilities to increase volume and quality of glass recyclates in our Maltha business.

Digitising our customer journey

We continued to progress our Renewi 2.0 programme, resulting in 10,000+ activated MyRenewi users and 295,000 orders placed through MyRenewi.

Investing in mattress recycling

We doubled the volume of mattresses we are helping to recycle, announcing a further 1.5m will be recycled in the UK in addition to the 1.5m in Belgium and the Netherlands, supported by our investment in Retourmatras.

Renewi plc Annual Report and Accounts 2023