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Renewi Annual Report & Accounts 2023/24

We are a waste-to-product company and a leader in sustainability, operating at the heart of the circular economy. As pure-play recyclers, our core purpose is to give new life to used materials.

Every day we help our customers progress towards their net-zero emission ambition. We do this by creating circular materials with a lower carbon footprint than the primary resources they replace. We help our customers on their journey to a greener, cleaner planet.



Underlying EBIT (€M)

€30.9m loss
Result for the year(€M)




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"Renewi is committed to making a positive impact on sustainability and driving the circular economy both now and in the future."

Ben Verwaayen


"We made strides in optimising our portfolio to position Renewi for future growth. We invested in the future by opening state-of-the art recycling lines and launched initiatives to make our company stronger."

Otto de Bont

Chief Executive Officer

Building on a legacy of more than 100 years, the work we do at Renewi brings us one step closer to a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Making airports waste-free by 2030


We started an eight-year partnership with Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, and Seenons for waste processing and recycling. Our goal is to make both airports waste-free by 2030 and fully circular by 2050, managing 15,700 tonnes of waste annually with 40 on-site employees.

Recycling healthcare waste

We partnered with GreenCycl to boost sustainability in health- care. We collect and recycle medical equipment, restoring 85%
of instruments. This collaboration reduces carbon emissions, increases circularity, and cuts costs for hospitals in the Netherlands.

Pioneering sustainable plastic recycling


On our plastics recycling sites and in Ghent and Acht we aim to efficiently manage different plastic types and increase circular material output. We strive to provide certified, high-quality recycled plastics to producers, helping to replace fossil-based feedstock with sustainable alternatives.

Water treatment that safeguards the environment


ATM, a subsidiary of Mineralz & Water, pioneers sustainable circular materials. Our advanced water treatment facility processes 800k tonnes of contaminated water annually using bacterial purification. We protect waterways, meet regulations, and set benchmarks for environmental responsibility.

Sustainable glass production


Maltha, our glass recycler, collaborated with Vidrala in Portugal to enhance sustainable glass production. We focus on improving the quality of cullet used in bottle manufacturing, resulting in increased melting process efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Turning food waste into green gas


Vattenfall partners with Renewi to purchase 7.5 million m3 of green gas annually, which is produced from food waste at Renewi's advanced facility in Amsterdam. The production and utilisation of green gas not only contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions but also aid in reducing the Netherlands' reliance on natural gas imports.

Renewi plc Annual Report and Accounts 2024