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Positive conclusion to European Commission landfill investigation

06 March 2023

Renewi plc announces that the European Commission (EC) has concluded its formal investigation, first announced on 6 February 2020, into the alleged State Aid relating to the tax rate applied to certain recycled waste materials that were added to the now closed Cetem landfill in Mont Saint Guibert to contour the site for closure and rehabilitation.

In its decision published on 3 March 2023, the EC determined that the Belgian Walloon Region did not provide State Aid to Renewi Valorisation and Quarry NV.

In the past two years, the Belgian Walloon Region and Renewi both provided extensive information to the European Commission demonstrating that all materials used in the landfill rehabilitation were appropriate and that there was no selectivity in the Walloon Region’s treatment of Renewi. Renewi is pleased this matter is now resolved and the provision of €15m taken for this liability in FY20 can be released.