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Recognition of our work

Our work was acknowledged with several awards over the recent year. In Belgium, we won the Trends Impact Award in the Circular Economy category, which recognised our innovative sorting installations and compliance with VLAREMA 8 legislation.
Meanwhile, Coolrec won first prize at the Plastics Recycling Show Europe for its refrigerator made with recycled plastics and, at Express PME Caixa, Maltha took the PME Revelation award in the Energy and Environment activity sector, recognising its commitment to the circular economy.

ESG Accreditations and ratings

We use the advice and insight gained from third-party ratings and standards to measure and guide our ESG performance.
This ensures we are always benchmarked to current best practices in management to meet stakeholders’ expectations.



Renewi reports on its non-financial metrics with reference to the GRI. This important international benchmark is one of the criteria for UN Global Compact membership and is recognised as best practice for non-financial reporting. The GRI standards we report on include emissions, energy consumption, diversity and safety.

UN Global Compact

Renewi is an Advanced level reporter of progress towards the UNGC Ten Principles and has pledged to continuously pursue improvements in the key areas of the environment, human rights, labour and anti-corruption.


We are working towards full adoption of the guidance and further improving our understanding of climate-related risks and opportunities.


In 2023, Renewi has commited to submit near-term targets to the SBTi. This is the first step towards our net zero carbon emission reduction goals for meeting the maximum 1,5°C global warming target, as set out in The Paris Agreement. Renewi is currently waiting for its targets to be reviewed and approved by SBTi.

Performance scores


We have been participating in the largest corporate disclosure project for several years. In FY24, we maintained the score C for our corporate transparency on climate change, having seen an improvement in the scoring of the underlying score elements versus last year.


S&P global ratings have in prior years recognised the sustainability-oriented business model of Renewi, our contribution to the circular economy and our efforts to lower GHG emissions. In FY23, in contrast to previous years, our sustainability rating decreased significantly, and we are investigating the reasons behind this result. Going forwards, we aim to address any perceived issues and return to the higher rating ranges.

Audits and validations


100% of our Commercial Waste and Specialties sites and 86% of our Mineralz & Water sites are certified under the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management and certification is planned for one remaining uncertified M&W site.


Our Scope 1&2 emissions have been limited assured under the ISAE 3410 standard since FY22. This year, the assurance for FY22 and FY23 was reissued following retrospective data corrections.

PSO Ladder

The Performance Ladder for Social Entrepeneurship (PSO in Dutch) has been developed to provide insight into the extent to which companies contribute to the employment of people with a vulnerable labour market position. The Performance Ladder has 5 levels: Aspirant, Basis, Level 1, 2 and 3. Renewi's activities in the Netherlands are certified Level 1.


This platform evaluates the quality of sustainability management in our local entities, focusing on policies, procurement practices, labour standards and other responsible business aspects specific to the size and location of the entity, with an industry-specific angle. Our Commercial Waste divisions have been both awarded a silver medal with a score of 55/100 in Belgium and 66/100 in the Netherlands

COâ‚‚ Performance Ladder

The Dutch government has endorsed this carbon management system and it is now being adopted in Belgium and other countries. Thanks to the standardisation of our GHG calculation carried out in FY23, Renewi was able to extend its CO2 Performance Ladder certification by SKAO (Stichting Klimaatvriendelijk Aanbesteden & Ondernemen) to the entire non-UK business in FY24. Renewi proudly maintains Level 4 certification out of 5 levels available.

Stock market

LSE Green economy mark

Green economy mark Renewi continues to be recognized by the LSE as one of the issuers driving the green economy in the FY24 cohort.


Renewi maintained its position on the FTSE4Good index for the 5th year running in FY24.