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Innovating with Renewi: building a sustainable future

Mission 75 for more and better recycling

You, we, and everyone around us are affected by the global resource scarcity and global warming. Fortunately, there is good news though. If we join forces, we can do something about it. So that we keep the earth liveable – for everyone, now and in the future.

How? By jointly developing innovations for high-quality, circular materials. So that instead of consuming materials, we reuse them. More and better recycling, that's Mission 75.

Do you have an innovation to help improve and increase recycling? Then take advantage of our knowledge, experience and resources to further develop and upscale it. Contact us for more information.

What innovating with Renewi will give you

Recycling and thus preserving valuable materials is more important now than ever. That’s why Renewi invests in innovations, to produce high-quality circular materials.

If you work with Renewi, you will have a leading waste-to-product specialist as your partner. This means you can benefit from the following:

  • Consistent and large quantities of high-quality circular materials
  • State-of-the-art facilities, systems and professional staff
  • Extensive network of customers and partners with shared circular ambitions
  • High sustainability performance
  • Additional promotion of your brand by our marketing department
Innovate together?

Are you or your organization interested in circularity and do you have an innovative idea?

5 examples of successful circular innovations

Curious about the results of our previous collaborations? Then check out these 5 different examples:

  1. Recycling orange peels with PeelPioneers
  2. Producing bio-LNG from organic waste with Nordsol and Shell
  3. Recycling medical waste with Van Straten Medical
  4. Recycling old refrigerators for toys with PLAYMOBIL
  5. Artificlal Intelligence for improved waste separation with Viu More

Contributing to sustainability goals for a better future

Innovations contribute to a better future. By developing an innovation, we also contribute directly to national and international sustainability goals:

Take the first step – discuss your innovation with Renewi

Are you or is your organisation interested in circularity AND in developing an innovation? Do you want to put these into practice on a commercial scale? If so, please contact Renewi today.

Contact our innovation team