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About Renewi

We exclusively focus on extracting value from waste

Our vision is to be the leading waste-to-product company in the world’s most advanced circular economies – contributing to a sustainable society for all key stakeholders: customers, suppliers, local communities, employees, regulators, Governments, investors and lenders.

What do we mean by waste-to-product? At Renewi, we exclusively focus on extracting value from waste rather than on its disposal through mass burn incineration or landfill.

Of the 14 million tonnes of waste we handle a year, 89% is either recycled or used for energy recovery. We intend to build on that. Here’s how: 

Introduction to Renewi

This guide gives an overview of Renewi's business performance to year end 2022, plus a summary of our purpose, vision, values and pioneering business model. Learn about our market position and ambitious, waste-to-product strategy, and how through major investment and fast paced innovations, we are contributing to a cleaner, more circular world.

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Our new Business Strategy

Leader in recycling

Leader in secondary material production

Selectively gain market share

In June 2020, we launched our new and enhanced strategy which will further differentiate Renewi as a pure play recycler, a company that focuses on supplying high quality secondary materials.  This strategy is based on three market-facing priorities building upon our leadership position in the circular economy, and two internal improvement strategies to help us perform more effectively.

Market-facing strategies

1. Leader in recycling
Recycling is central to our waste-to-product mission, and also answers market demand

2. Leader in secondary material production
Improving the quality and “spread” of the products we produce increases the value of what we recycle

3. Selectively gain market share
This will help us grow the total volume of waste treated

Internal Improvement Strategies

Our internal improvement strategy – delivered through a programme called Renewi 2.0 – is expected to make our company leaner and more efficient. Over the next 3 years, we will introduce simplicity, strengthen our customer focus and create a better place to work through:

  • The digitisation of our business - providing a fully digital solution for our customers to deliver a better 24/7 customer experience while reducing our cost to serve, and
  • Simplification and harmonisation of processes.  Simplifying and standardising across divisions to reduce cost and errors and to improve customer, supplier and employee experiences. 

To add to our enhanced business strategy, we have also launched our first long-term sustainability strategy and our new 5-year sustainability policy which will contribute towards six of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These are: Enable the circular economy, Reduce carbon emissions and waste; and Care for people.

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