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Shell & Nordsol – clean fuel for heavy road transport

Made from organic waste

Bio-LNG is a clean alternative to fossil fuels that is made from organic waste, such as food scraps. As a fuel, bio-LNG releases almost no particulate emissions AND generates less than 80% greenhouse gases when compared to diesel.

Helping the transport industry to become more sustainable by producing a clean, alternative fuel

'Shell wants to help its customers become more sustainable and is investing heavily in the energy transition,' explains Marjan van Loon, President and CEO of Shell Netherlands. 'On this, we are working with partners such as Renewi and Nordsol. Bio-LNG is the next step in making the transport industry more sustainable.'

From organic waste to sustainable fuel for transport

In this partnership, Renewi takes care of organic waste collection from restaurants, retail outlets and food processing industries throughout the Netherlands. After pre-processing, Renewi converts the organic waste into biogas using anaerobic digestion and transports part of it to Nordsol's bio-LNG plant, built on Renewi's site in Amsterdam Westpoort.

The biogas, which consists of methane and CO2, is then cleaned. The methane in the biogas is processed into liquid bio-LNG. Jerom van Roosmalen, CEO at Nordsol explains, ‘the use of smart, energy-efficient technology is the basis for a local, circular economy and a sound business case.’ Bio-CO2 is also marketed as a sustainable product.

Van Loon concludes, ‘thanks to this collaboration, we can offer our customers in the logistics industry a cleaner alternative, starting with heavy road transport. Eventually, we’ll extend it to shipping too.'

Bio-LNG Renewi

Bio-LNG Nordsol

Bio-LNG Shell

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