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Our strategy

We launched our business strategy a year ago and we will continue to set, refine and meet targets to further strengthen our position as a waste-to-product market leader.

Renewi launched its enhanced strategy exactly one year ago, supporting its vision to be the leading waste-to-product company. This further differentiates Renewi as a pure-play recycler, a company that focuses on supplying high-quality secondary materials, which we believe is the best way to extract value from waste and contribute to a solution to the world’s climate problem.

The strategy is based on three market-facing priorities to build our leadership position in the circular economy, and our more internally oriented Renewi 2.0 programme aimed at simplifying processes and digitising Renewi.

Market-facing strategies

1. Leader in recycling

Recycling is central to our waste-to-product mission, and also answers market demand.

2. Leader in secondary material production

Improving the quality and ‘spread’ of the products we produce increases the value of what we recycle.

3. Selectively gain market share

This strategy helps us grow the total volume of waste treated.

Internal Improvement Strategies

These strategies, forming our Renewi 2.0 programme, are making Renewi leaner and more efficient through digitisation and simplification.

Digitisation of sales and services to improve the customer experience.

Simplification of processes across Renewi’s Divisions to boost efficiency and reduce costs and errors.