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Welcome to the Coupa support page for Renewi suppliers. Renewi strives to work with its suppliers in a transparent and efficient way and to improve the purchasing process. That is why we are pleased to announce that Renewi will collaborate with its suppliers through Coupa from 2021.

What is Coupa?

Coupa is a user-friendly cloud-based software for e-Procurement and supplier collaboration with the aim of automating and thus accelerating and simplifying all purchasing and invoicing transactions. By using Coupa, suppliers and Renewi can work together more effectively and in a save way.

Why Coupa?

By switching to Coupa, we create a simple way of working for both suppliers and Renewi employees via one shared platform, the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP). All interactions with Renewi suppliers, such as sending Renewi purchase orders and receiving invoices from suppliers, communication and information updates will be streamlined via the CSP (or via cXML connection).

How does Coupa work?

Invoices: simple, intuitive and fast
Invoices can be sent directly to Renewi via the CSP or via a cXML connection. This saves the supplier time and the risk of incorrect deliveries. Renewi is able to process the invoice online and therefore the payment can be completed faster (according to the agreed payment term). In addition, the status of the payment is visible in the CSP.

Purchase orders* (PO’s): direct, complete and transparent
The Renewi order is forwarded directly to the relevant supplier in the form of a purchase order (PO) via Coupa. The supplier receives this order via the CSP and is able to confirm or adjust each order online if necessary. Receiving a PO via Coupa offers the possibility to easily convert (“flip”) the PO into an invoice. In addition, it can be indicated in the CSP that purchase orders are also desired to be received by email.

Via Coupa, the supplier can easily keep track of the payment status of his / her sent invoice. In addition, Renewi has the possibility to track the status of the order that has been sent. Furthermore, Renewi is able to see what kind of products the supplier offers. Based on the information that the supplier shares on his / her CSP profile, the supplier can be found by additional Renewi employees and the collaboration can possibly be expanded.

Sending purchase orders, invoices and payments via Coupa offers a high degree of ‘compliance’ as a result of consistent and transparent processes. In addition, Renewi wants to do everything it can to make the cooperation with its suppliers even stronger.

Be up to date
Because the supplier can update his / her data autonomously via the CSP, the supplier is always assured that the correct data is available for Renewi. This way Renewi can guarantee the delivery of orders and the payment of invoices together with its suppliers.

If you are interested in more information regarding the collaboration between Renewi and its suppliers through Coupa, please visit the Coupa Success Portal page for suppliers:

In addition, Renewi has created a survey with the aim of updating supplier data and gaining insight into the preferences of current suppliers regarding future cooperation via Coupa. If you as a current supplier of Renewi, have not yet completed this survey, we would like to ask you to do so. See below the link to the survey in 3 different languages:

Survey Dutch

Survey English

Survey French

*At the moment we do not work with purchase orders towards suppliers. Timelines for the implementation of this can be found in this overview.