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Renewi Mineralz & Water

The Renewi Mineralz & Water Division consists of three business units; ATM, CFS and Mineralz.

ATM is one of Europe’s largest companies in handling contaminated soil, wastewater and oily sludge and in removing hazardous waste substances including packaged chemical waste. Over 95% of the waste that comes into ATM is made suitable for reuse using safe and responsible methods. To do this, ATM uses a thermal remediation plant, a pyrolysis plant, a sludge treatment plant and a wastewater purification plant.

CFS is a specialist company that processes contaminated water and sludge using a physico-chemical separation process to produce clean water and sludge which can be used as fuel for power stations.

Mineralz cleans contaminated soil and recycling mineral residues and turns them into secondary raw materials. In thirty years it has grown into the leading recycling company that cleans and immobilizes contaminated soil and mineral residues. Mineralz produces new raw materials from mineral waste marketed under its own brand name FORZ®. The recycler, which operates out of 10 locations within the Netherlands and Belgium, is continuously expanding its activities. In 2016 it opened its FORZ®Factory, the first factory that converts bottom ashes from waste-to-energy plants into sustainable, clean and safe mineral raw materials. The recycler has also expanded its activities in further reprocessing the metal concentrates from bottom ashes under its new brand name Metalz. Mineralz also immobilizes waste materials for which no sustainable recycling process has been developed and disposes of it in an environmentally responsible way at one of its own depots.