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Renewi Specialities

The Renewi Specialities Division consists of three business units; Municipal, Coolrec and Maltha.

Municipal operates waste treatment facilities for UK city and county councils. The waste treatment facilities form part of long-term PFI or PPP contracts between Renewi and the associated council, usually lasting 25 years. These contracts are established primarily to divert waste away from landfill in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

The contract provides guaranteed volumes under agreed terms, typically with some form of price indexation. However, the contracts are not always linked to the variable cost of the disposal of processed off-take and changes in this market can result in margin pressure. To mitigate this, offtake contracts are predominantly secured under long term contracts.

Renewi runs six municipal contracts in the UK using a range of technologies. The contracts are with Argyll and Bute, Wakefield, Cumbria, Barnsley Doncaster and Rotherham (BDR), Elstow and East London (ELWA) councils.

Municipal SHEQ policies:
Safety, Health, Environment and Quality policy

Coolrec is a Renewi Specialty subsidiary and a key European player in the circular economy when it comes to the processing of discarded electrical appliances and electronic products. Through its international network comprising nine different sites spread throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and France, Coolrec recovers plastics and ferrous and non-ferrous metals from WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and transitions them into secondary raw materials. This activity involves Coolrec working in close cooperation with innovative industrial manufacturers of consumer products. We also supply high-quality secondary ICT components For more information, visit: www.coolrec.com.

Renewi Specialty subsidiary Maltha is a joint venture between the waste-to-product company and glass manufacturer Owens-Illinois, and is one of the largest glass recycling businesses in Europe. At eight sites located in the Benelux, France, Portugal and Hungary, Maltha sorts and recycles more than one million tonnes of different types of hollow glass (including jars and bottles) and flat glass (such as mirrors and windows), turning it into shards and powder to be reused in the glass, glass wool and building industry. For more information, visit: www.maltha.nl.