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Paint it back

 11 JUN 2018

Paint it back

Renewi has teamed up with multinational paint manufacturer AkzoNobel to produce FENIX, which is a 100% recycled white paint. The paint is suitable for painting basements, garages, living areas and classrooms. It will be on offer to our customers, employees and organisations with a social purpose, such as youth and sports associations.

Producing the paint is a multi-step process that starts with visually inspecting the paint. Contaminated products are removed and the paint considered suitable for recycling is mixed together, sifted and pulverised to produce a clean paint. Finally, we add chemicals to increase the life and durability of the paint.

FENIX will be certified to comply with the Belgian and European Union's REACH regulations, which are designed to protect people and the environment by encouraging the safe use of chemicals.