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BioPlastics: biodegradable plastic

Made by bacteria from organic waste

Currently, 10% of all plastic produced each year is recycled. 1% is made from bio-based raw materials and only a very small proportion is biodegradable. Which is a shame, because plastic doesn't have to be bad. If more biodegradable plastic were to be produced from now on, we would be (better) able to recycle plastic into new raw materials.

The (start of) collaboration

Renewi receives and processes over 150,000 tonnes of GFT waste, and around 200,000 tonnes of food waste, every year. Both waste streams are processed by digestion and composting. Raw materials for BioPlastics can be produced as part of this process (biomass and/or lactic acid containing PHA).

Renewi Organics is working with companies including Paques Biomaterials, TU Delft and AMS to develop a fully commercial bio refining process that will allow us to convert organic waste streams into sustainable raw materials – the kind that can be used for recyclable refuse bags for collecting kitchen and green waste.

BioPlastic bacteriën en product

From organic waste to biodegradable plastic

This innovation is still in the pilot phase and is being conducted at the Lelystad Innovation Centre. The goal is to realise the developed process on a commercial scale by 2025.

BioPlastic Innovation Centre

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