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Our sustainability strategy

In a time of climate crisis, the planet urgently needs our help, so we have made it our mission to transform waste into essential new products. We are sustaining tomorrow by acting today to reuse materials and protect our environment.

13.18 m
Tonnes waste handled

Recycling and recovery rate

Green electricity generated (megawatt hours)

Of our collection trucks are EURO6

CEO's statement

"We will help customers take their circularity to a new level, and so we will play a part in bringing the circular economy to life”


Special interview

Maria van der Heijden

Companies like Renewi look at circularity in everything they do. They ask the right questions: “How can we re-use this discarded product, this waste? How can something be designed or made differently so it is circular?



Otto de Bont

We ask Otto de Bont about the urgency of acting on climate change and how, by enabling the circular economy, Renewi can help to tackle the crisis.