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Renewi secures outlet for unique ICOPOWER® pellets

11 April 2019

Renewi Icopower

International waste-to-product company, Renewi plc (LSE: RWI) has recently extended its contract with Heidelberg Cement Miljö for the supply of Renewi’s unique ICOPOWER® pellets.

Renewi has been supplying Heidelberg with Icopower® pellets for several years. They are used to power cement kilns and to produce cement clinker. The ICOPOWER® pellets are created at Renewi’s Amsterdam facility and shipped from Renewi’s own quay to the Swedish island of Gotland.

Specifically collected commercial waste is used to create the ICOPOWER® pellets. This ensures the high calorific pellets have a consistent composition and meet strict production specifications. Renewi is one of only a few companies in the world to make this type of high-quality fuel product.

The contract will run for the next three years, with an extension possibility for a similar period. Renewi will supply Heidelberg with up to 54,000 tonnes of pellets a year.

Michael van Hulst, Regional Director of Renewi’s Commercial Netherlands Division said:

“We are very proud that the contract with Heidelberg has been extended. We have been working together for many years, proving that an innovative product made from waste can have a significant contribution to a more sustainable world using it as fuel in an industrial process with a large energy demand. It perfectly fits our ‘waste no more’ vision.”

For further information:

Helen Kemp Renewi plc

Head of Communications
+ 44 190 865 07 34



About Renewi

Renewi is a leading waste to product company that gives new life to used materials every day. We have more than 8,000 employees working at 200 sites across Europe and North America. Our extensive operational network means we are always close to our customers.

For Renewi, waste is a state of mind, and an opportunity. Our many years of knowledge and experience, combined with a broad range of services, allow us to offer sustainable, practical recycling solutions. We use innovation and the latest technology to turn waste into useful materials such as paper, metal, plastic, glass, wood, building materials, compost and energy.

In other words, we turn today’s waste into tomorrow’s raw materials.

The result of our work is less waste and contamination, a smarter use of scarce raw materials, and a reduction in carbon emissions. This means that we are contributing towards a cleaner, circular world in which we “waste no more”.

Renewi was created in 2017, following the merger of Shanks Group plc with Van Gansewinkel Groep BV, and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Visit our website for more information: www.renewiplc.com. Images are available at www.renewiplc.com/imagelibrary.