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Renewi supports the European Plastic Pact by signing circular contribution

11 March 2020

Renewi plc (LSE: RWI, Euronext: RWI), the international waste-to-product company, announced today that it has signed the European Plastics Pact. The Pact is a public-private coalition forming a European network of companies, states and other organisations with the goal of achieving a better life cycle management of plastics. Together with other Pact participants, Renewi’s main aim is to contribute by amongst other things significantly increasing levels of plastic recycling.

Initially led by the Netherlands, France and Denmark, the Pact has as its aim to bring about a truly circular European plastics economy. In order to deliver, ambitious common objectives have been agreed and cooperation, innovation and harmonisation will be encouraged. The coalition will work to deliver against four key objectives namely: Reusability and recyclability, responsible use of plastics, use of recycled plastics and the collection, sorting and recycling of plastics towards delivering circular economy solutions for plastics.

Renewi is focused on transitioning waste into products. The company provides responsible recycling solutions to waste producers and creates essential quality secondary products like plastics for re-use in manufacturing processes to customers. Renewi is therefore a pure-play sustainability-focused company with a strong contribution to creating a circular economy.

Otto de Bont, Chief Executive Officer, commented:
“We are pleased to have joined this coalition and to play our part in accelerating the move towards the re-use and recycling of single-use plastic products and packaging. This matches our vision to ‘waste no more’ and aligns with our commitment to lead the way in creating secondary raw materials and acting at the centre of the circular economy.

Being a part of this group, which brings companies and governments together, to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy is exciting and will allow us to play our part.”