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Turning soil into cement, concrete and asphalt

Significant investment in the ATM waste treatment plant has positioned Renewi well to transition thermally treated soil (TGG) into gravel, sand and filler.

ATM, located in the Port of Moerdijk, the Netherlands, receives contaminated soil from a number of projects including industrial building, site reclamation and road reconstruction. Through our AP4Terra project, we are now in a good position to process one million tonnes of soil a year into gravel, filler and sand. Gravel and filler can be used in the production of concrete, cement and asphalt. By delivering a solution that will transition contaminated soil for use by the construction industry and road building, Renewi is contributing to the circular economy.

“This innovation has brought the construction sector an opportunity to replace primary raw materials with high-quality secondary materials. This is a real waste-to-product success story for Renewi and ATM,” says Teus Brand, Project Manager at AP4Terra.