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Care for colleagues’ health and happiness

In 2019 Renewi engaged in programmes to support and help improve employees’ physical and mental health in the UK and Benelux. Colleagues at Renewi’s UK offices took part in Mental Health Awareness Week in May, which included a psychologist-led session on mindfulness, outdoor games and activities.

We also promoted our 24-hour mental health support helpline and the Renewi YOU portal, an online platform with an area on mental health. Renewi YOU features videos on anxiety, sleep techniques and advice on money management. “We gave colleagues an environment in which to talk and highlighted the fact that mental health issues are experienced by many people,” says Renewi UK Training Co-ordinator Angela Banks. In Belgium, colleagues competed in the Global Challenge programme, which encourages people to boost their physical and psychological wellbeing with an active lifestyle.

Commercial Waste Netherlands launched the Fit to the Finish health programme, with six key themes: more moving, no smoking, no alcohol, eat healthy food, relax and better sleep. The programme has a range of healthy activities. We now have plans to expand Fit to the Finish into the UK and Belgium. “We want to keep our employees healthy because we value them, and want them to have a healthy, happy life,” says Marjet van Vroenhoven, Manager Health Management. “And colleagues who are fitter and happier contribute to Renewi’s success.”