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Odour reduction


Open and transparent communication with the local communities where we operate is vital. At our ATM plant, one of Europe’s largest sites for treating contaminated soil and water, our proactive approach with the local community delivered record results this year.

This year we focused on reducing odour. Using innovative technologies and initiatives resulted in a record zero odour complaint days. We participate in a local 24/7 ‘e-nose’ network, which monitors changes in the air. Together with wind direction, e-nose electronic technology can identify an odour, assess its severity and even track where it comes from. We also use an infrared camera to detect diffuse emissions. We’ve started to immediately close all emission points before unloading or cleaning ships, and now operate a degassing installation, which means ships no longer emit odours on the river.

Within our communities, we proactively communicate with the public every quarter as well as on unplanned issues, publish a magazine twice a year and support local social initiatives.

“Our focus is on continuous improvement. Our hunt to reduce odour emissions never stops, and our focus on innovation helps us to get better every day,” says Jacques de Jong, Director Compliance & Public Affairs at ATM.